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Ryan is over a barrel. He's cheated on his girlfriend and she knows it. But he is an actor and she has an idea just how to punish him...

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    An out of work actor is trying to make it big, supported by his hard-working girlfriend. She’s furious when she discovers he’s been screwing every actor he can, during the day. When she tells her best friend, a Broadway producer, her friend suggests the perfect revenge. She creates the part of a maid in her new play, and auditions her boyfriend. He refuses the part until his girlfriend tells him, either take the part or she’s throwing him out.

    Her friend informs him that she believes the only way to truly learn the part is by “total immersion.” She turns him over to a gay, crossdressing friend who delights in humiliating and feminizing the homophobic “Mr Stud” – with the help of his black boyfriend.