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The story of a male college grad who dresses as a girl to live in all-girl's housing: But it’s a disaster when the co-eds discover they have a male roommate. Now they're determined to change him into the daintiest little girl -  all with his girlfriend's approval!

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    When Sarah asked how young I thought she looked I said, "I really wasn't' sure, so I asked Toni and her two girls to write down how old they thought she looked."

    Taking out three pieces of paper I put the down on the table and let Sarah read them. One things she looks thirteen, and two actually things she looks twelve? I don't believe it," she exclaimed.

    "The problem is you're having is you remember what she used to look like, and how old she used to be. Frankly I'd though somewhere around twelve or thirteen myself, or even younger," I remarked, which was when disaster struck. Sarah had forgotten to close the apartment door and the next thing we knew two girls were in it.