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Mark and Jessica, an average couple? Perhaps, except for one thing. Jessica is starting to realize that Mark may be a crossdresser and perhaps more. This is the story of their mutual discoveries.

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    He wasn’t a French maid after all; he was a plain ordinary maid and he looked real, that much I could tell at first glance. I didn’t have a man in drag in front of me I had a plain looking woman wearing a traditional old fashioned maid’s uniform.

    All my nervousness has gone and all of a sudden I felt elated. I liked what I saw. I decided to play along.

    I asked him to turn around slowly and I looked more carefully; blue dress and matching apron, pageboy wig, thick black pantyhose, two inch black pumps and definitely breast forms. I could see the line of the bra in his shoulders and back. The makeup was very cleverly done.