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Dana Hutton Donahue and Lucky Burch have been friends for the longest time and lived next door to each other, right from their almost earliest memories. Their games were as innocent as any other two boyhood friends could be, but as they grew up, their lives changed, sometimes from their own desires, sometimes from Dana's kinky family. A sexy story that builds through two parts.

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    Sometime during the first movie (it was a double feature), I put my arm around Double Dee’s shoulders (I forgot for a moment that he wasn’t Dorothy!) and he snuggled against me, his hand resting lightly atop my jean-covered thigh. We watched the movie, I guess, but after, neither of us could remember what it was about! Because shortly after I put my arm around him, we were kissing and petting heavily in the darkness! And I guess Double Dee got carried away with being Miss Annie Oakley because he put his hand right down the front of my pants.