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This is the story of Jean Marie Philippe Batiste d’Armagnac, a Parisian upper class bourgeois who willingly gave up his identity to become Maria Magdalena Delantal, a Portuguese domestic worker working as ‘bonne a tout faire,’ maid of all works for his/her former wife Dr. Annabelle Louise d”Armagnac – a prominent cosmetic surgeon.

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    She stopped me again with her hand and said in a very strict manner now, "Now listen to me girl, you must realize you are entering the world of cleaners and maids and lowly domestics that usually are exposed to police controls and harassment, but this is exactly what I have been trying to tell you all along, you have to feel to your skin what it means to be a lowly laborer, a domestic, a cleaner, you have to feel to your skin what it means to be afraid that the police might catch you and find something wrong with your papers, you must feel the fear of it, otherwise, you simply act as an imposter and actor Do you understand Maid Maria?"