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Forced into hiding from the law after stealing money from work, I was being transformed from a boy to a girl by Mona, my girlfriend's mother, and was powerless to stop it... A powerful woman, her intentions were to break up my live-in relationship with her daughter, Mary, by slowly feminizing me, hoping to cause Mary to abandon our relationship out of embarrassment.

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    Mona told me, "I certainly don't want to feel like I'm forcing you to wear a nightgown! I'm just trying to help you out within the confines that you put upon us."

    "Oh no Mona, please," I replied, being expertly manipulated again. I could only think to answer, "I actually like the nightgown - it's just hard to admit to a woman, or I wouldn't be wearing it. I just feel silly and embarrassed wearing it in front of you." My thought processes had really slowed and I was having trouble thinking my way comfortably out of these situations and found myself only able to think in agreement with Mona's feminizing suggestions out of fear of offending her.

    Well dear, you never have to feel embarrassed in front of me. So that's settled. Good," Mona told me.