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If you've never read a story by Bea, then welcome to what might become an addiction. If you have read others, you know what a treat they are... A couple, traveling for the wife's business, stops at a Bed and Breakfast off season, where the female owner pronounces staunch disgust against the usefulness of men other than for personal satisfaction or procreation. Their first dinner conversation there, takes a strange turn and John, the husband, finds himself at the hands of the foreign maid, Magda, who promises to "tame" him.

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    She swiveled around on her stool so that she was now facing me. Arranged her lingerie around her very meticulously while staring me in the eye, just a hint of condescension on her face now. "Seems to me that this is the critical point now John. You can leave if you want. As your male clothes have been taken away, I'd strongly suggest that you take what they leave you - it may take some time and I'ds imagine that you need something to change into. Your checkbook is left, but they've destroyed all your credit cards, so getting money might be a problem for you without proving your identity." She laughed slightly. "Which could present a problem for you in your dresses or skirts? I mean presenting yourself as a man?