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This follows along with the kinky story, characters and plotline of The Dangers of Firing an Employee. We get an indepth look at the incarcerated owners of AZ Finance and their crossdressing habits, where they come from and how the story moves forward.

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    He opened his robe and had his suspicions confirmed, he was wearing a panty and a bra. He lifted is head to watch himself in the mirror. What he saw came as a shock, he looked just like Jack's wife, Margaret. "What have you done to me? Why have you given me the looks of your wife?"

    "That's a long story. For now we just settle with the fact that from now on you are she. Period. That's the way it's going to be from now on."

    "Where is Margaret?"

    "In this room. YOu see, you are Margaret. You will take her place in my life from now on. You will do everything she did, and maybe a few more things. The old Margaret doesn't exist any more, she has vanished. I need Margaret at my side and to substitute her I've chosen you. I remember how you loved being a girl when you were young and I was sure you still liked it. But this time, it's no game. It's for real and it's permanent. Just take a look inside your panty and check. You have no male genitalia anymore. You are female all over."