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This story is about Ken, who has taken to drinking and wife abuse, and Katie his wife, who has had enough! Extreme steps to fix the situation follow!

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    Ken is the quintessential macho man. Over time, he has fallen into the bad habit of going out after work, getting drunk, and then coming home and smacking around his wife. Katie finally decides that something has to give.

    She is put in contact with a group of radical women devoted to the cause of repairing abusive husbands. They go to work on Ken, transforming him physically and mentally into the beautiful Kendra.

    Kendra finds herself having to deal with the problems of being a woman in the workplace putting up with male co-workers who sexually harass her, knowing full well who she used to be. Katie and her friends force Kendra further and further into womanhood, including starting to date men.

    Kendra also has to deal with a son who has decided to follow in his Dad's high-heeled footsteps.