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John Carley wants to get up in the world and his way to to have a profession that should reward him well - journalism. His undercover investigation on his first assignment leads him to an entirely different way of life and a much lower rung of the social ladder.

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    Louis Carley is an unassuming young man who is not interested in a blue collar job like his father. He becomes a promising journalism student and gets noticed by local media outlets for his reporting skills. 

    He is given a summer internship in England by a tabloid on the condition that he discretely investigate the disappearance of a number of men associated with Laura Wentworth, a very successful British financier.

    Just before leaving England for home, he is abducted, blackmailed and forced to undergo feminization and sissification to become a male maid. Too late, he, like the missing men, aren't ever going to be found because these men are now living and working as feminized male maids.