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The sexy saga of the boys of the Alpha House Fraternity and the girls of Gamma Rho continues.
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    Rachel could feel the eyes of all the men in the bar, and the few women as well, on her shapely, feminine body. She slid down in a seat, in her leather skirt, crossing her legs, her high-heeled boots making her feel very sexy, as if she was a real woman. But wild thoughts of discovery, discovery of the whole sorority as being a sorority of men, made her mind tremble. She imagined what these people would do to her if they discovered that beneath all her femininity, she was as male as any man in the place.

    �So,� said Ted Moore, leaning over her and looking down the front of her top, at her real, rounded, augmented breasts, a glance which Rachel noted in shaking relief. She might be able to control this situation she was in, after all. He might be susceptible to her femininity. He was a man, after all, wasn�t he? �Do you make assignations for sex for the Alpha boys just with the real girls in your sorority or with the trannies like Bryan and Harry as well? Do you tell the boys which kind of girl they�re going out with?�