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Gerard, a shy feminine boy, is brought to the most successful Female Impersonator clubs in the city by his uncle. His uncle is concerned that due to his feminine nature, the boy's only hope at earning a living would be through becoming a drag performer. This is the story of Gerard's becoming...
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    I look like that when I perform, thought Bambi Labelle, as she watched the whole uplifting performance. She clapped wildly as all of the dancers and singers finally spread across the stage.

    "Well," said Angela as many of the patrons rose to their feet and applauded. "It wasn't that good, was it? None of this was real."

    "Oh, Angela," said the Countess, standing up with the people around them and applauding just as H�l�ne was doing. "It was a fabulous show. Now you can see why the sissies are down here with us. If they ever were as perfect as the girls up there, they wouldn't be serving us. And Vidal," she laid her hand on Vidal's as he was beaming and applauding just like everyone else around them, "there was this beautiful girl in the show last week who wasn't there today. LaBelle, the beautiful girl, that was her name. Where is she today?"