Mags Inc
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Martin is a high flying stock broker doing well working for J. P. Morgan, but makes the mistake of thinking that he can make more money on his own. He discovers that there is a world of difference between buying and selling stock and running a company. In deep trouble, he is forced to bring in a turn-around expert from outside. The company is not all that this powerful woman is about to turn-around.

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    High flying stock broker gets in deep financial trouble, so he hires a woman specialist to turn the company around. She, however, has her own plans.

    She says she can bring in 4 women clients each with 10 million in with her if he signs a contract which puts her totally in charge. Which he eagerly does. Too late he discovers the 4 women hate men and the only way to bring them is to turn him into a her. To accomplish this he’s sent to The Conover Institute that specializes in totally feminizing deserving men. There she’s turned into Bimbo/Slut Cherri Creams.

      When she returns to the company she’s still a broker but also the company receptionist, office slut and forced to act like one in front of male clients.