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Being transgendered can be a very tough thing, but try being transgender and aware of that in the Navy. This is the story of one such young person who, to make matters even worse, falls in love with his unsuspecting commanding officer
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    Did... did I... just ki... kiss you, Petty Officer?" he asked his mind in a daze.

    "Certainly not Sir," Monroe was breathing raggedly. "You most certainly did not."

    "Of course.," Ted agreed without thinking.

    "Er, Sir?", Monroe interrupted Ted's thoughts.


    "You can let go of me now, Sir. I have regained my balance."

    "Oh, sure," Ted mumbled releasing the boy and sitting down heavily.

    "Will that be all Sir?" Monroe asked, his breathing evening out.

    "Yeah, you're dismissed," he waved airily.

    "Yes, Sir!" and Monroe came to attention, clicked his heels, turned and hastened from the office, a smile of secret delight on his lips.

    With the hatch closed behind him, Monroe pressed his fingers to his lips and relived the kiss. He sighed in remembrance, he would never forget it!

    That evening, Monroe related to Marlena the whold incident, leaving nothing out.

    "Oh Lena," he cried, "I wanted him to hold me forever!"

    "...don't worry little one, one day, after you've had the surgery to repair His honest mistake, you will be a real woman and then you can pursue your Captain Wheelock."