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Joe Denton a relatively new engineer is up for a vice president's job at his firm. Not surprisingly he looses out to a woman with much more experience, but still jumps at the chance to be her administrative assistant. Soon he finds out that this means he is functionally a secretary and his boss really doesn't like men.

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    Liz sat at her desk facing him as he approached and stood facing her. She looked with satisfaction at the anxious man standing before her. A month ago, he was confident, assured, and was her primary ribal in her quest for promotion. Now, after a stint as her secretary, he appeared uncertain, tentative and maybe even a bit fearful. Finally, she asked, "Are you wearing the silky pink nylon panties in accordance with your dress code as my secretary?"

    "Yes Ma'am," he stammered, blushing bright red.

    "Remove your pants and show me," she stated ina firm tone.

    "That's not decent," hi insisted. "JUst take my word."

    "I'm an admirer of former president Reagan," She professed. "When he was negotiating missile treaties with Russian, his motto was 'trust but verify'. That is my intent here so remove your pants!" When he was hesitant to do so, she shrugged, "It's that or start packing your things, I thought we had an agreement."

    ..."Why can't just lower my pants?"

    "Because I want to see you move around in your pretty pink panties, not just get a glimpse of them."

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    Frankly unbelievable, but fun read

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    <p>A young man( and later, an entire office) submits to feminization, but the motivation is not believable. Still, it is a fun tale of gradual transition.</p>