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A boy is sent to Las Vegas to live with his Aunt. He gets a job backstage, sweeping floors until one girl doesn't show up. Only he knows the showgirl routines.

  • Crossdressing
  • Feminine Domination
  • Slow transformation
  • Adult Sexual Situations
  • Hormones
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    The Follies girls were recruited from among the small town beauty queens and unfortunates who had gotten into some minor trouble in their conservative hometowns. They welcomed a chance to get away from all who know them, joining the Vegas shows for the freedom and adventure if offered.

    They were a fun-loving lot as a rule, although hard and a bit bawdy under the standards of the road. I went through a deal of teasing and good-natured fun that I rather enjoyed. I like the attention from these fun loving girls.

    They were always threatening to dress me up in one of their costumes and make a doll of me, and I pretended to shudder at the thought.

    And then one morning a couple of them did just that. I became their human doll to dress up. When Connie came into the dressing room, I was wearing a can-can costume, my rather long hair curled with an iron and fluffed on the top of my head, my face made up completely.

    The change was really startling when I faced myself in the mirror. I must have had an expression of rapture when Connie walked in. She did not recognize me at all! The girls madeno move to tell her either, enjoying the joke immensely, giving me time to regain my composure somewhat.