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When his mom died shortly after high school graduation Gillie went to work in the local orchard business as a farmhand. He failed horribly as he had neither the strength nor the attitude to make it in that manly world. Luckily, the family that owned the orchard also had a school for stewardesses to be supplied to their other business, an airline.

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    So the next day she told him he couldn't work for Orchard anymore, but added, "Unless you are willing to put on a dress uniform like the trainees."

    "D... dress uniform?" Gillie stammered. "Are you serious? I can't be wearing a skirt. I'd look ridiculous and horrible.. and I'd feel horrible. Everyone would laugh at me and call me names."

    "I don't think so, honey. I think the firls will think it''s very appropriate for a male like you. Look, I love the way you have worked so far, but this is the girls' area. Men are not allowed in this area once the girls arrive," Catherine smiled at him, "If you won't work out in the fields with the men, then you will have to leave the farm and go live under a bridge with your scruffy friends."

    "What kind of uniform though? Like the jump suits I've been wearing?"

    "Sorry honey. The idea is that we have to make you not a threat to the firls. Like male hairdressers of dress designers. Girls don't mind them moving in and out of their spaces because they're like girls themselves and unlike men."

    "If I wear a stupid skirt, aren't those girls gonna see me and laugh at me?"

    "Probably, " answered Catherine with somewhat of a stern face. "But you will have to learn to deal with it or leave. If nothing else, you will surely develop a deep value and respect for women. Something your father could have never taught you. And besides wearing a skirt isn't so bad. We expect all the girls to wear skirts every day. You might even learn to like wearing skirts. Youcould take some of the classes with the trainees."