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Jamie is a quiet and shy sixth grader when our story begins. His mom has dreams of developing him further along those lines, starting with a bra.

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    I remember with such clarity the first time I thought of buying Jamie a bra. There was a neighborhood girl, Luycy a real to-boy who was a year to two older than Jamie. Suddenly she was beginning to show little buds through her shirts. Oh my, that is such a special time in a girl's life! It's like your transformation into a woman is announcing itself to the world!

    Soon after, the girl was in bras. And after she started wearing bras, her whole personality seemed to change. She seemed to becoe more confident and more feminine. Confident... that was the kind of change I wanted to see take place in Jamie. And more feminine. Yes, if I was honest with myself, it wasn't just Lucy's newfound confidence that I wanted to see in Jamie; it was her new-found femininity as well.