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A story of Hilary and her husband Robert. Robert loves his wife very much, so when her well loved horse comes up lame and stops her morning outings riding around the country, he offers, almost as a lark, to give her a ride on his shoulders. Thus a whole new way of life begins for them.
Ponyplay is a kind of BDSM that is increasing in popularity. This story combines ponyplay and transgender transformation in a most intriguing way.
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    By the end of the week, I'd come to accept being harnessed, although that first time I really didn't like it. However, when Hilary approached me with harness in hand each morning, with a determined look I offered no protest.

    It was mid-week that the mailman delivered a box from the store we'd visited. I was sure the collar she'd ordered, and whatever else, were in it. When I called her and told her she was so excited she said she'd leave early so she could see everything that had arrived.

    I wasn't as excited as Hilary, but I was curious as to what she'd ordered. If I'd known I really would have been alarmed, for that afternoon was to be an eventful one, that I really wasn't going to like. For it was that day, as I look back, that I stopped being Hilary's husband.