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The further adventures of the boys of the Alpha House Fraternity and the girls of Gamma Rho.

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    Trudi swished across the floor, trying to ignore the men staring at her, sly smiles on their faces. She wished she had the nerve to pour Al's drink over him. As she half expected, Al pulled her down into his lap and put a twenty dollar bill between his lips for her to take. It was after midnight. The men at this time did all kinds of things to tease the new pretty girlish waitress, who had to smile and pretend she enjoyed the attention she was getting.

    Jeff had explained it to her. They needed the money. He needed it for university, his final year. He presumed Trudio needed money for that as well although Trudi knew she wasn't going back to school. If she'd still been Bryan Fairfax, there, she had so to say the name a lot, even if only in her thoughts, she'd have money, lots of it! She'd had to say that to herself or, soon, she'd have forgotten entirely she was anyone else but this Trudi girl, Jeff Kirkham's girlfriend.