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Frank Donaldson gets a job with an inventory company. To please his boss's top client he does a brief stint modeling prom dresses with the help of a beautician. This is followed up with a longer modeling stint en femme for the same client's custom clothing department. And so it begins!

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    As I walked down the stairs it occurred to me she had addressed me as Francine even though I was no longer crossdressed. I wondered if it had been a slip of the tongue. In my car, I opened the envelope and counted the five hundred dollar bills then stuffed it into my pocket.

    That night in the shower I found enjoyment in soaping myself up. The slippery suds felt good against my hair free skin. Momentarily I thought about sitting in a perfumed bubble bath while scrubbing myself with perfumed soap. 

    Why was I thinking like that? I was a man. Ever since the fist time I had been made up and crossdressed in prom dresses with matching high heel shoes I had been thinking more about femininity. This was the second time I had been en femme. I found myself enjoying it more and more.