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Just out of college and working as a temp at the school while trying to decide on what to do next, George Edison has a chance meeting with a young woman finishing her Master's. They hit it off and yet George is surprised at just how Candace begins to take control of the relationship. Soone she has some strange requests for in, regarding hair removal and some special 'vitamins'. Where is this all going and how far will it go in this sexy story of an emerging submissive?

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    The next time I got my refill of pills and another shot, I asked about the change in my skin texture and the sensitivity around my nipple area. The pharmacist just grinned and said "different people have different results, don't worry about it, you will be fine."

    I left it at that. Both the doctor and the pharmacist were professional women and if you couldn't trust them, who could you trust?

    In addition, my visits to the hair removal solon were shorter. The women were always pleasant and professional.