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This story is about teens in high school and their search for identity. It centers around a small group working on a dance show, the dancers and the musicians, who are all a little out of the ordinary in their sexual interests. One of them in particular, a boy, is so feminine that he often is mistaken to be a girl. He doesn't identify as one though, at least yet. Here is the story of all of their explorations.

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    Half an hour later the two girls greeted Ruth's mother as she came home from work. Her warm smile and matter of fact greeting suggested that Chessie, a boy wearing and looking good in girl's clothes and makeup, was not something suspect. Chessie realized Ruth's mom was accepting her at face value.

    "Well, hello Chessie. Really so nice to meet you. Ruth's told me so very much about the new boy in school. I really didn't think anyone could be quite as talented as Ruth said you were. Now I see you're absolutely blessed with such find features, and your legs, your hands with those graceful fingers. You look so much prettier, so much more wholesomely attractive than most girls your age could ever dream of looking."

    Chessie blushed and shifted awkwardly.