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Denis and his wife Kelly have a small ad agency with big dreams - to parlay their relationship with a hockey team into a major ad contract and from there, higher end clients. One of the players, Marco shares Denis's interest in many things, especially their homeland Estonia and they both even speak it. There's only one thing. more and more Denis seems to find reasons for him to transform himself into looking like a woman. And, oddly enough, Marco seems to like it. Is this some kind of plot?

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    This time the event had seemed almost business like. Sarah had virtually summoned him to the same parking lot and made it clear that he must be dressed and made up as Denise or face exposure as "the mystery girl". Her greeting had been abrupt, though the gleam in her eye was clearly lustful. She had led him on a brisk walk to the same path. Instead of womanly chit chat she had peppered him with advice to perfect his womanly walk and his voice.

    Denis had found his treatment humiliating, yet oddly pleasing. He had also lost his fragile confidence in his ability to pass and faced each oncoming pedestrian on the park walkway with fresh trepidation. But no one gave him a second glance, well actually every male over 10 gave him an extended first glance if he thought his girlfriend would let him get away with it. Denis had done the same scoping on this same pathway with Kelly so he understood the appraising sidelong glance for what it was.

    These lustful looks were mortifying for Denis and he tried to look down at the ground rather than engage in eye contact with passing males.