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The Goddess Within is part 1 of the Bayport Trilogy, an intriguing story of the lives of Crystal and her very feminine brother Tabby as they start anew in this sleepy little seaside resort. For various reasons it is clear that Tabby much indulge in his past behavior of appearing female which leads us into this tale of intrigue, transformation and sex.

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    Tabby had sensed that under all his macho stridings Ivor was very very femme. He also sensed that the youth was aware of these needs.

    Ivor washed the windshield of the car that Tabby shared with Crystal. He stared at tabby who was in girl mode. Tabby drove the car to the air pump and took the gauge from the glove compartment. Getting out of the car was a deliberate and seductive act designed to transfix Ivor and bring him under control. Tabby squatted, thighs apart, giving ivor a steady view of the crotch of the cut-off jeans. Tabby had deliberately worn bright white nylon pantieds which were plainly visible at the edge of the cut-offs.

    Ivor approached, "Need some help?"

    "I've been filling my own tires forever. No help thanks."

    "You know I don't know your name."

    "I'll tell you later... When you buy me some pizza for lunch." Tabby snapped his knees togethe as if he only just realized what Ivor was looking at. Ivor blushed.

    "That strip mall where we first met. Noon or one."

    "Noon," said Ivor as if he couldn't wait until one.