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Renaissance Woman is part 2 of the Bayport Trilogy and continues the story of intrigue, transformation and sex in the unusual city of Bayport.

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    Andie felt a gow of both anticipation and satisfaction as she watched the reflection of the moon on the bay. An in-bound fishing boat glided across the moon. She reached out to her two companions as they stood on either side. He hads were on the small of their backs. She kissed each in turn. She savored the lingering taste. "Thank you for bringing me here, here into the special world. I just know it's my world too."

    "Night sweets," smiled Hanie. "Big day to morrow."

    Andie opened the blind in the guest room. She turned off the light as she opened her skirt and spread it wide behind her. The dark fabric was a frame and a background for her fine chiseled legs. She let the skirt fall to the floor as she crossed her arms and caught the bottom of her turtleneck. She undressed her arms, raising them as she pulled the garment over her head.

    The outline of her black garter belt was visible through her pale pink panties. FAcing the dresser mirror, Andie tried to span her waist with her hands. She ran her over her hips. The blue stockings were the perfect complement for her skin as it glowed in the other worldly light that came through the window.

    Andie sat on the edge of the bed where she could study herself in the mirror. "I guess I really am pretty... but what am I?" Tears filled her eyes.