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Coming Together brings our story to a climax as we hear about the continuing antics of our transgendered and omni-sexual crew enjoying this town as the perfect getaway for a wild and sex-filled time.

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    "Anyhow that guy's name was Ron Crichton. We got it on together for a while when no one was around. He was a really nothing guy but when he put on panties and I made him up... Wow! What a turn on for both of us. He was so much better as a girl. Not just prettier but much more forceful, dynamic even, much more together.

    "He talked about going to school as a girl and working as a girl. He went to New York and got work as a chorus boy or girl in a really classy drag show. Wrote me a couple of letters saying he was saving enough to go to a two year college where they worked with girls like him. I really think he was going to do it. by then he was signing his letters Rhonda and I was thinking of him as a she."