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The Dress The protagonist is a bookkeeper, mostly for women's businesses, like his wife's. His wife is a dressmaker and has started to believe that he should become the wife in their marriage. His occasional crossdressing seems like a lark, until he confronts a magic dress that she has made for him.

Aunt Morag and her Daughters Dennis's mom is very sick and has called her sister to come and live and take care of the two of them. Aunt Morag isn't used to boys, however, and soon Dennis is less and less a boy.

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    I couldn't believe the stinging pain of the first slap! Gasped, and tried to stop the whimper that rose in my throat. But it was no good. By the third hit I was crying and by the time I'd had my full spanking, I was weeping uncontrollably.

    "I'm sorrrrry!" I wailed when she let me up.

    "No Dennis. Not enough. I've asked you and asked you to try and behave properly. I thought the panties were working, but obviously you need a much stronger reminder. Get your clothes off, please?"

    Less than five minutes later, I stood there in one of Charity's summer dresses. Underneath it, I was resplendent in a full set of pale pink nylon lingerie - and nylon hose and white sandals competed the outfit. to further add to my shame, I had an erection that bulged our from the front of the dress. "Come here Denise!" My aunt said, "And sit on my lap."

    "Yes Auntie," I said submissively and went and perched.

    "I'm a nurse. So this is just necessary," she explained to the girls. "But at any time you see Denise like this?" She nodded at the bump in my dress. "I want you to do this to her." and her holding a tissue, was up under my dress, then in my panties...