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A story of becoming...
A young man is off to college. He's a little pretty and a little soft, and a woman he meets there sees potential and wants to turn him into something else, somebody else. Through social and sexual experiences he finds fulfillment and happiness.

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    “Let’s head down to breakfast in the dorm cafeteriaDanny. But first we can’t wear the clothes we slept in, we need fresh stuff.”

    “I’ll go to my room to change and meet you there, or we can walk to my dorm room together.”

    “No need for that, here.” Emma handed me a pair of her stretchy yoga pants. We were about the same size in our bottom half, and these were a size four. I knew they’d fit, don’t ask me how but I knew they would. They’re the same size as my sister Madison’s jean and pants size. Oh never mind, so I tried them on a few times.

    “I can’t wear those Emma, those are girl’s pants.”

    “What’s the matter, are you ashamed to wear them because they’re mine? I should be offended. Just put them on.”

    I did. They felt snug but stretchy and kind of felt good. I looked in the mirror and turned around to look at my butt. They certainly didn’t hide the shape of my butt, and they looked good on me!

    “See, I knew you’d look good in them. And look at that shapely bubble butt. Nice roundness to it but not too big. At least half of the girls here would kill to have an ass like yours.”

    “But they’re girl’s pants.”

    “So what, you like great in them and I like it. Wear them. Here’s a t-shirt to go with it.” She handed me a t-shirt that fit but was pretty snug. I didn’t protest, hoping no one would tell the difference.