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The women of Gamma Rho Lambda (GRL) have had it with the overly macho boys of Sigma Tau Delta (STD) and hatch a devious plan to trick them all into seeing what life is like on the other side.

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    "You are going to look like a well-shaped young prom queen when I'm through with you. Won't that be fun?"

    He couldn't bring himself to answer her but his heart was pounding with the clear realization that he would soon experience, once again, the novel sensations of being dressed totally as a female, just as he had at the reservoir and during his weekends at the Psyche lab Although he tried to control his emotions, he knew that, on one level, he was going to love it!

    What was this bond that was developing between him and girl clothes? If Mrs. Windmere started dressing him up, would he become even more addicted to the sensations of silk against his skin and the gentle hug of a brassiere around his chest? Only time would tell.