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New World Library cover

WARNING!! this story contains graphic details of a hapless young man's total feminization and subjugation at the hand of his step-sister and her female entourage.

He is forced to become addicted to soft satins and lace, to the most gorgeous of feminine lingerie and the highest heels. Continued below...

  • Forced Transformation 
  • Female Domination
  • Adult Sexual Situations
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    He learns to adore his time bound and gagged in total feminine surrender and he just cannot get enough of the humiliation that these women seem to want to impose upon him.

    He soon finds that life becomes easier when he submits totally to the female power around him and sinks ever further into the quicksand of satin, lace and perfume until he cannot imagine any other life.

    A classic from the early 20th century brought fully up-to-date!!