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The autobiography of a young man, who, when he realizes that he has breasts, begins a life long adventure into the meaning of gender, sex, identity, with a dash of private investigator work thrown in. We have combined these two volumes into one 130 page eBook for only $10.00!

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    I then asked Quent about the time we coincidentally got a string of cases. The "catch-'em-in-the-act" divorce proof cases. It was almost as if it was declared open season to dump your spouse. But you needed your local rent-a-cop to validate or invalidate - the pre-nuptial agreement...

    As it was, the guy (ed. that Stretchy had been assigned to follow) was a nomad. He didn't have one steady mistress, always picking up a willing first date partner. He was that smooth. I could easily catch him at the pick-up but couldn't catch in bed with her. I was so baffled on how to catch this guy, I wished that I was one of the pick-ups. For the first time without touching or seeing my bared chest, I envisioned a whole scenario. Dressed to the nines, showing almost everything and shoving it in his face. Only to pull away when he'd go for me. 

    That's when it hit me. I could do it! I could go one better and catch him in bed, because he'd be in bed with me!