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Once John admits to his wife that his deepest desire is to dress in the most feminine of clothes, she is completely discussed, but determines that they have to confront it directly in order to resolve it. So she agrees to let him dress full time and be the wife in their marriage for one full year. However, in order to give him the full experience of what it is really like, she also enrolls him in a class that teaches new brides to be completely feminine and submissive often using extreme techniques! Oversized book with 14 full color illustrations!

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    After putting my hair in a ridiculously outdated style that belonged in the 50's, I wobbled out to where the other two brides stood dressed identically to me.

    "First you will have to stand. Toes and heels together, hands folded in front of you, heads bowed. Eyes fixed on the tips of your shoes like proper submissive wives. Now you'll learn how to curtsy. Grasp your skirts daintily using only your thumbs and forefingers. As you curtsy you will place your left foot precisely behind the right. As you curtsy you will raise your skirts up till the tops of your stockings are visible so your husband and his guests can admire your legs. As you raise your skirts you will also raise your left heel until it is precisely perpendicular to the floor with your right leg bent at a forty-five degree angle. At all times keeping your head bowed. You will now practice," she instructed.

    Wo we practiced until my legs felt like jelly. But that wasn't the worst of it. Singling me out she asked, "You, with the big tits. Whey you curtsy I want you to lean forward as if presenting your tits to whoever you're curtsying to."