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Mags Inc Novelette Cover

While his fiance is on a vacation in France, Martin, out with the boys for a little relaxation, spots the most alluring and sexy woman he has ever seen. He strikes up a conversation with her and ultimately ends up going home with her, looking for some adventure. And oh boy does he find it in this story, crafted by Bea, the absolute mistress of sissification stories.

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    If I had thought that there was nothing left to embarrass me, I was wrong. She carried me into the bathroom and washed my face with cool water and removed the slight swelling around the eyes. Then, she carried me into the bedroom and had me put my baby dolls on again.

    I protested when she led me over to the bench in front of the mirror, but it was futile. "I'm not putting on much, so SHUT up!" she said casually, starting to apply makeup to my face.

    She was true to her word. Didn't put a great deal of anything on, but when she finally declared me 'presentable', I was wearing discreet amounts of blush, lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. Finished with a delicate touch of perfume behind my ears.

    You might wonder. All of the humiliations I'd undergone that night, and this was the worst? The answer is 'yes'. You see, as if to prove conclusively, that all of the charges of my being a sissy were accurate? I had an erection from the moment I had my baby dolls on. She saw this and nodded understandingly. It never went away either, it was standing to rigid attention when she was making my face up. She stroked it with a feather light fingernail every so often, smiling at me as if to say "See?"