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LIttle did the young and inexperienced teen, Rob, know what was in store for him when he met the gorgeous and very much experienced Dina. He becomes enthralled and eventually transformed into a woman just like her, but very much the sissy in the end.

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    I dressed for dinner in white shorts and a powder blue blouse. I tried eye liner and mascara. The effect was so incredible! My eyes looked so much larger, so much sexier, so very feminine.

    After breakfast we drove to a mall near a small town several miles away. AFter getting some training bras, we shopped for skirts, panties, slikps and blouses. Casual slothes are next: jeans, Bermuda shorts. There was one particularly pretty shirtwaist dress that I liked. I wore it home.

    As we drove home I wondered why no nighties or girl's pajamas. Dina explained even before I asked.

    "Later this week I have to visit some people at a school called the Janus Academy. there are some lovely specialty shops in the adjacent village. They cater to girls from Janus. I'm quite sure you'll love their nightgowns and peignoirs. Dare to join me?"

    "OH please, Aunt Dina."

    "You might like to finish high school at Janus and then go on to its junior college part. You see it's a very special school for girls like you although real girls attend as well."