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An amazing 3 part story about two hard core feminists who want to ensure that more and more female children are born and fewer males as well. It starts with the scientific research to develop a "third sex" that will be both sexes but serve as the go-between from average men and average women. This go-between will serve as a filter removing male sperm. However, the story really gets going when it considers the poor male who undergoes the transformation into a third sex and just how the new person ends up living in this wildly sexy story. 240 pages!

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    In the following days a routine developed between Michael/Karen and the two female doctors. In the morning either Sonya or Diane would come upstairs and help their charge get dressed. They would also provide him with reading material to study during the day. The material always covered some issue related to feminine behavior, deportment, make-up or dress. In the evening, one or both of the women would test him on what he had learned and advise the boy on how he might improve. In this way, over a few weeks, his skills in make-up, in acting, and moving in a feminine manner, were greatly improved.

    Each week they also took him into the laboratory for a heavy supplemental dose of Diane's female hormone booster. The booster acted with the implanted time release capsule to quicken his transformation. With just the implant, the development of secondary sexual characteristics might have taken many additional months. Aided by the booster the transformation seemed to be occurring as Diane and Sonya watched. Every day Michael/Karen's body because more feminine. His breasts continued to sprout. Their nipples grew larger and the aureoles spread, doubling their original size n just over one month.