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Dennis Arnellos grew up in a very wealthy family and had always been served by maids and housekeepers. Now in London to finish his PhD., he has become lonely and bored, his only companion is his maid, Magda. He has a secret and seemingly unattainable wish - to wear a maid's uniform and fulfill all the duties required of such a person. One morning, with Magda out shopping, he succumbs to the urge and tries on one of her aprons, just as she walks into the room. Thus begins Dennis's new life as a Filipino maid, Lita!

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    The voice of Madame Ahmad from the kitchen brought them back to reality. "Girls have you finished unpacking? We need some tea please and the pizzas will be here in half an hour so you can prepare the table in the dining room."

    "We'll be there in a minute Madame," both answered in unison, as they tied their half white aprons on. Lita couldn't suppress a smile looking down at her apron. She couldn't forget that this little piece started everything and brought her to a foreign and exotic country as a maid!