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The title says it all. After Richard's parents separate and go their separate ways, he goes to his Aunt Vera's to live. But Vera has plans for the slight and effeminate lad, plans that fit right into Richard's fantasies. Slowly he becomes Rita with a whole new life before her.

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    "Oh WOW! That is a lot of things I never realized. Wait a minute, does this mean I can live like girl from now on Aunt Vera? What about school? What about athletics in school? But I will still be a boy, down there. Well you know what I have in my panties. I can't have real breasts like other girls, can I?"

    "Richard... Rita, I have a doctor that told me that can all be changed too. With surgery, you could be a real girl in every way."

    "Aunt Vera, please don't tease me."

    "You can really be Rita. With medicines, and surgery, this can happen if you want this. Your mother and I have known for a long time that you were not happy being a boy in life. But we can not do anything unless you really want it Rita."

    "Oh yes, I want this so much.What do I have to do? When can we start?" asked Richard, as the questions poured our of his mouth.