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Two books in one! Total Degradation - In the poor boy's own words, Slight of build, physically weak, I grew up constantly in fear of the opposite sex. He has every right to be given, what happens to him in this story! Hard Body -  When his wife starts bodybuilding, she finds a new confidence and he finds a new place in life.

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    "I really should spank you, you know. Put you over my knees and take your pants down. Give you some smacks! Think I should?" She was giggling a little.

    Finally, I found some backbone. "This is ridiculous! I am a tenured professor at an acclaimed college! You are just a girl! I demand respect! You will not be treating me in this manner!"

    With practically no effort, her arm, around me tightened. I was lifted, and swung around to sit on her lap.

    "I am going to be kind to you dear, though you really do deserve to be punished for that outburst. But I am losing patience with you. Now put your thumb in your mouth and listen to what I'm going to say. Don't even think about taking it out until I give you permission. NOW DO IT!"