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Empathy Press cover

Alberta Moon weaves a unique tale of panty sissies, dominant dolls and unsuspecting males lost in a world of silk femmedom.

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      I lay quite still on the makeup table in the back of M. Josie's TV Boutique as the soft featured young doctor prepared the infection. A slight qualm of unease went over me as Josie the attractive middle-aged woman, who owned the place, ran a hand up my smoothie legs and gently caressed my cock and balls.

      "Get ready to go bye-bye, Little Dickie!" She smiled.

      "You too, Mr. Clark," the doctor said. I felt the needle in my arm and, seconds later a warm drowsiness. As the anesthetic took effect, my mind wandered back to the strange circumstances that had led me a virile, good-looking heterosexual male, into this bizarre sexual transformation.