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This is the eBook version! Discover the passion, sex and kinky lifestyles of three young TV's just discovering their sexuality in New York City! In Odd Beginning-Happy Ending, Mitch discovers that Patti, a beautiful dancer with special talents, has another hidden gift. In Classical Broadcasting, a chance meeting in a coffee house is the beginning of intoxicating sex and adventure for a young classical musician. In The Firebird, Matt is drawn into a world of intrigue and kinky sex once he moves into Madame Ollia's studio apartment above her dance school.

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    From The Firebird...

    Madame Ollia poured me an aperitif, "You now know why I told you that things are not always what they seem. You recall I said that when I put you in panties and made you up. When I was in Paris, I performed many, many unusual services. There were those who fancied boys who could be girls. And it is not only a certain class of men who want their young girls with a penis but many, many women prefer to a loved by such girl-boys and to love them in so many different ways. I trained these lovers for many people."