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Sixteen year old Victor is determined to lose his virginity this summer so when he gets an invitation to spend it with his cousin, Marc, and his Aunt in San Francisco, he jumps at the chance. He is further enticed at the descriptions of just how fantastic the girls of that city are. When he gets there he is shocked to discover that Marc now appears to be just one of those girls, thanks to his mother. Next he discovers that she has the same plans for Vic as well. 

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    He wanted to scream that he wouldn’t be wearing panties in the future, but if she remained this determined, he couldn’t be sure. Red faced, he held the humiliating panties up by the waistband and observed how flimsy, delicate, and silky they were and thought, ‘I can’t believe I’m about to wear this silky bit of fluff, but what choice do I have?’ Hesitantly, he stepped into them, pulled them up his legs, and adjusted them at his waist. He continued to blush brightly as he turned to face her.

    Looking him over, she ordered, “See that you put on every item here and do so quickly! Marci will help you dress! You are expected at breakfast in half an hour! I won’t be so easy on you if I have to return, or if you are not properly dressed. Do you understand, young lady?”

    “Why are you doing this to me?”

    “Because, like I said, you were meant to be a girl! Do you understand?”