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Doug and Bobby, still unable to find straight acting jobs, continue as newly minted drag queens. However as their story progresses, the world that they now inhabit continually forces them deeper and deeper into a life that they never considered, as Dee, and Roberta.

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    Oh goodness, wherever had such a thought come from - that I was holding on to a handsome man? I wasn't going to be his girlfriend, I told myself - never! I felt Lou's hand clasping me tightly around my waist. "Dance with me, pretty Deirdre," he smiled at me. "We can leave all the sordid contract details to Kate, Cecil, and Liz. Come and join the party."

    It was a party into the early morning, with no end in sight. I was to be a party girl, not even allowed back to the dressing room to change into something less sexily glamorous. Worse, I was the boss�s girl! Lou held onto me when others came and tried to pry me away from him. All of the impersonators danced with men who held onto them and laughed with them. Alisha and her chorus-line girls joined in as the tall handsome mostly brown-haired Lou Diamond held onto me tightly in every waltz. All the other girls were doing the same, clinging to men.

    �You don�t leave with anyone else but me,� said Lou Diamond quietly, pressing me into him. I trembled as my long, blonde hair caressed my shoulders. Ooo, he kissed my face, his fingers pressing into my waist and back. �Cecil you wants to dance with you, and you can. But tonight, pretty Dee-Dee, you are mine. You don�t go back with Cecil to his room, no matter what he says he will pay you to get you to go with him. Tonight, darling Dee-Dee, you belong to me.�

    I wanted to tell him off, to protest. I wanted Bobby to come from wherever he was hiding then and resume me, his brother. Ooo, but Lou Diamond�s words made me shiver and shudder as Cecil Young came up and took me back into his arms, with his huge belly pressing me.