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Two out of luck struggling actors, stranded in "middle America" when their touring company goes bust, stumble into a nightclub where there is a drag show, headlined by Donna Vallee. Donna convinces them that a job in a drag act is better than no job at all. Ah but it's always a slippery slope, isn't it?

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    "Not twins," said Donna Vallee shortly, after Ernie had retreated to the cooking area, the smell of bacon permeating the air. "Cindy and Pearl are husband and wife, aren't you, girls?" he asked as the two blondes nodded and smiled at me to see how I took such news.

    Well, how do you take such news. I smiled as best as I could, though I was going crazy inside. Looking from one to the other, I couldn't tell at all which of the lovely women could possible be the husband. I'd have hated to make a move on one and found out the following morning that the wife was mad at her husband for going to bed with me!