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Something strange has been happening in the little town of Raybold River Valley. Men are being transformed into women at a rate so high that the town is running out of them. At the center of this story is Mike, who agreed to undergo this transformation at the hands of his wife, and report it in his newspaper in a regular column as Michelle.

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    Jane and Tania had made bets on when Dave - the best kisser of women in the Valley, they'd assured me laughingly - would make a move on me. They'd deliberately left him alone with me. And Dave was gay! He'd attacked me right away, kissing me, telling me how pretty I was Michelle. I just wasn't strong enough to keep him off me.

    When I told the women how he'd kissed and fondled me, they laughed more and told me to enjoy it while it lasted. Now I'd know what it was like to be a woman! And didn't Dave kiss a girl so adorably? I never admitted that he did. Not the tehm/ but he did. I had to admit it to myself.