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Our intriguing story of this unusual town, where so many men have become women, continues. We examine the impact on this society and further follow the life of Michelle, who has been writing about her transformation in the local paper. There are even rumors of an upcoming major motion picture, but who will play Michelle's sex scenes?

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    Our classifieds were changing. 'Mrs. Roberts, the widow of Dr. Roberts', whom Bonnie said she'd visited as a kid, 'wishes to announce the forthcoming marriage of her son, Kenneth and Sharon Tolman, of Upland Raybold. A bridal shower for Kenneth will be held at Sylvester's on 4 December with the nuptials on 11 December, Judge Emily Cortwright presiding. Open reception at Sylvester's. All classmates of the happy couple invited.

    Bonnie studied that for a while before saying, "That's Kendran! She's so femmy! She must be the femmiest person I've ever met! What's she doing marrying a woman??

    "Kenneth is marrying Sharon," I told her but Bonnie shook her head.

    "I bet this is Kendra getting married," she said forcefully. "I'll check it out."

    "For the next paper," I told her.

    Another classified ad read, "If you look good in a dress, we can find a place for you in a growing entertainment industry. Female impersonators ar at a premium now! Great money! Joan Treadwell, agent."

    "You follow that one up," Bonnie smiled. "I'll chase down Kendra Roberts. I know she's going to be chagrined at her mother for calling her 'Kenneth' She hasn't used that since she entered grade school, I'm sure."