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A sweet and moving transgender love story. Joe has a "secret self" that he is sure that will keep him from ever finding an accepting and loving woman in his life. A co-worker, Beatrice, seems to be too old fashioned in her ideas about love and sex to ever find her life's partner. Yet when they meet it begins a loving and learning relationship for the ages. (Personally I think that this story speaks directly to many of us. ed.)

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    Joe had no uncertainly about what he would wear for the date. He would dress as he always did at work, in a sport shirt (probably a plaid one) and Khakis or something, for he didn't like jeans. A lot of guys in IT central wore T-shirts to work, but not Joe. Even under a sport shirt, you could tell that he had "bitch tits". The way the shirt bulged in front, he almost looked like he was wearing a bra, although of course he wasn't. In a T-shit, he would look like a girl, not wearing a bra - and that would never do.

    But what about his hair? Should he let it down, as he did when he was secretly becoming Jo? Would that look too girlish for Beatrice to endure? Joe shure didn't want to repel her by any needless display of effeminacy - but would that really be one?