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In Part 2, things have escalated to a point where Adrian's colleagues believe him to be a male-to-female transgender and vow to help him. He is now referred to as Adele and is ushered to counselling. If that isn't bad enough, his doctor has given him female hormones which one friend has appointed herself to ensure he takes. The final indignity is when young men start to notice the "new girl in town" and find her attractive.

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    It was Robert.

    I just stared at him, gobsmacked, at first. Finally I found my voice.

    "Robert, what are you doing here?" I asked.

    "Hi. Well, I called in to see Aunty actually, but I have to confess I was also hoping to see you. You look stunning."

    I put my hands to the front of my skirt. "What, I'm just in my work clothes." I told him.

    "You could wear a bin liner and you would still look amazing, but, honestly, you look great. I've tried to find you at work before, to thank you for coming with me that night."

    "That's okay, I really enjoyed myself," I told him. I became aware that my colleagues nearest to me had stopped what they were doing and were looking over at us. Rosie had her hands held to her heart.