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During World War II, a young man, Ken Browning, a general's son, is seen to be impersonating a woman in a show designed to entertain the troops. All agree that his impersonation is quite successful. Later another son, complains to his dad that he needs a new agent to infiltrate France, behind enemy lines and carry out an essential mission. The spy must be a woman who is fluent in French and so far he has struck out in his search. Col. Turner, having just seen the performance the night before realizes that Corporal Browning might be the perfect solution to his son's problem. Thus begins a grand adventure of disguise, danger, crossdressing and yes, sex.

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    "Well you know how such a day should end," Richard said as Denise clicked and rustled to the barracks door in her dance dress and high heels. Captain Turner stopped and pulled her off the path, out of the of the light. "The last test," he said, not knowing of the beery kisses she had endured earlier. Richard then kissed Denise on her lips, but it was quite unlike the earlier kisses. This was done with intent, by someone who knew that Denise was really Ken.

    Denise was terrified, hardly knowing what to do as Richard Turner possessed her lips and made her feel so strange and unmanly as he hugged her to him and kissed and kissed her as if she must be enjoying his attentions.

    She was dazed and shaking with emotions after he let her go, whispering that she had passed the final test. He let her go into the barracks where the disagreeable woman's first gesture was to give her cold cream and a flannel and to tell her that he lipstick was smeared.