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Ken, who nows thinks of himself, as do all the people around him as Denise, sinks deeper into intrigue and danger in occupied France as a British spy. Further he is sinking deeper into this adopted identity. She discovers war plans and even secret horrors by the cruel Dr. Mengele who is transforming young men into lovely young women. This gives her female protector ideas about Denise's future. Will he get out alive? Will he get out of this disguise? Does he even want to as he further uncovers hidden desires in this new life?

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    Denise, yes she had to be her, as best as she could, these horrible days, shuddered and told 'Uncle Jacque' she'd kill him if she ever found him in her bed. He'd laughed, or leered, it could have been called, at his pretty 'niece' in her frilly, bouncing waitress 'uniform'. Yes. a man might discover her, DEnise, and have his way with her. It could be her uncle, as if she was a woman, and then...

    Sooner or later, that someone, his hands inside her panties, would think of 'her' as the degenerate that she was! And then, that would be the end of Denise Colbert, and Kenneth Browning, too. She should get our of her room, she must, get out of her pretty clothes, steal something from Jacques's room or some male clothing from one of the other men...